So today was pretty eventful yet imaginary.. Funny how a day can be imaginary. I’ll tell you how…

Today was totally horrible from the start. I was completely down with depression and I didn’t wanna go out with the others to the field But I had no choice (Becos my mum kept on insisting) I didn’t even like exercise . On arriving at the field my sister kept pestering me with some silly stories. How come she couldn’t read peoples facial expression at this age?
My siblings dispersed and started jogging around. They seemed to be having a good time. I started jogging… ( more of walking though) , then I stopped suddenly. Someone caught my attention. If I wasn’t dreaming, That was Emmanuel. We went to the same secondary school (And trust me he was so lame and stupid). I wonder how we became friends. Ohhh!! It’s Becos we were in the same class. I almost died of seeing his black face every single day ( not really black… but black) and after sometime. He moved to cape town to live with his parents (That’s what I heard 🤔) and that was the last I heard of him. He was the same person jogging on the other end of the field… Yet so different. From his fully grown hair to his afro haircut, His skin was so glossy, gleaming under the morning sun. His tall body structure and the muscles ( I was damn surprised that Emmanuel did work outs.) When did he grow so tall 😭( he must have consumed a lot of beans this past two years)
As though he knew someone was looking at him… He turned and our eyes met. (Those deep brown eyes) I nearly fell from the impact of his beauty ( I know guys aren’t beautiful but this one is ) I jogged towards him with an aura of confidence …
“Hey there. Longest time where have you been? ”
“Whats up. Been away from the country. Cape town to be precise ”
(Ahhh… The rumour was true)
“You’ve grown so tall ”
He smiled… ( his teeth was so white). “You’ve grown so pretty yourself ” …
( I wasn’t ugly in the first place)
Thank you. I said.
“So you have any activities planned for the day?
“No I don’t. Why ask ?
“Sammy’s birthday is today. He’s having a little get together. You could come with me”
“Ohhh I’d love to.”
“Cool. I’ll pick you up at 2pm.”
“No problem”.
We talked randomly while jogging together. He was still the funny Emmanuel we all knew. Also I’ve decided to move to cape town, Emmanuel said cape town is so beautiful. I’d do anything to get away from the hustles ,bustles and traffic jam in Lagos…..
At least something good came out of today. Strangely, I was so elated and my siblings noticed it . But that was the least of my worries …

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I'm a content writer, copywriter creative writer and digital marketer. I help people and brands grow. I also sing pretty good (irony)

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